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Hopeless Lover

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Larry Olusegun

Born and raised in the Western parts of Nigeria, but now living in Dallas Texas, Larry Olusegun has earned a bit of a following for blending folk style writing, pop style melodies, and with his intentional poetic writing.

 HOPELESS LOVER is Larry’s 3rd single and his most proud of to date. Released independently, the single contains fragments from Larry’s past and his present place in life. Every single line, holding a significant meaning.

After spending months writing about and to other people, Hopeless Lover came as a gift from, and to Larry.

Due to the global pandemic, the instruments in the song were recorded thousands of miles across the ocean and communicated virtually. With Kane Whitelam as producer and sound engineer, everything worked out smoothly. Kane’s background in Rock complimented Larry’s style to produce Hopeless Lover.

The new single is more than just a song, it is a timestamp of where and how things have been up until this moment in Larry’s little world. It is a reminder that this thing we call “Life” happens to everyone and is happening this very moment.

“This single serves as a reminder of where I’ve been, where I am, and where I want to be”.

For more information, or to get to know Larry personally, please contact him by email:  or by phone (Texts preferably): 214-981-4213